About Sriyog.Com

Sriyog.Com focuses on creating Employment Opportunities, Consulting, Training, as well as to provide Professionals of several fields to various users around the Nation through a Digital Platform.

Who We Are

Creating Opportunities for everyone

Sriyog.Com is a digital platform that provides opportunities for the job seekers to search for a job and for the general people to find a professional to do a job. It is a versatile platform developed to ease the task of seeking a job and hiring a professional, and the best part of it is, that there are no middle men involved. We work on creating equal employment opportunities to any individuals, with the right set of skill.

  • Many people are attracted to the job opportunities in the foreign land, because of less opportunities in our nation.
  • It is getting harder day by day to find professionals, to do a job.
  • The experts and veterans never work to build their team and gain trust. To grab this opportunity, various agencies filled in the space by creating the market and are performing much smoothly
  • Many middle men are involved in the process of hiring.

A college student can manage part-time to tutor his/her juniors for his pocket income. Similarly, babysitting, party planner, kitchen helper, delivery helper, etc. can be good for utilization of time and at the same time be a decent source of income. You can work as a freelancer at your comfort and as per your schedule. Through this platform, service market eco-system can be balanced and global migration trends for employment can be controlled.


Experienced Team

Our team of experienced professionals have over a decade of experience in the field of Information Technology. All the team members are proven experts in their fields which include engineering, field service, management and product development.


Global Reach

Sriyog.Com started from Biratnagar, Nepal aims to be on the global market and for this we have been expanding it's reach, taking one step at a time. Currently we are planning to deliver our services in the Texas (USA), Sydney (Australia) and Kerala (India).


Multiple Opportunities

Sriyog.Com provides several categories and sub-categories from which many user's can get benefitted. There are currently 18 categories and 150+ sub-categories, and as per the user requirements, we will be working rigorously to upgrade and modify the services.


AI and ML Integration

By adopting the latest technology and innovation, we are automating our system. Once we are equipped with sufficient database, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine language (ML) can be used to make the user experience much easier.

A Brief History of Sriyog.Com

The idea for Sriyog.Com came in 2013 when our founder got multiple enquiries from friends and relatives asking to help them in recruiting a home tutor, plumber or for any other work. During this, an idea evolved in him that all we need is a platform which solves the problem of hiring professionals.

On September 12, 2016, Sriyog.Com was born. Since then, the journey of digitizing the local contacts from Eastern Nepal, Biratnagar started with 24 work categories. Soon, it got popular and was acknowledged by the local communities and we gradually expanded to major Eastern Cities like Itahari, Dharan, Dhankuta, Damak, Birtamod, etc.

  • Our Founder took the first step for the work of Sriyog.Com and registered the Domain Name on 2015 June 02.

    Domain Registered-2015.

  • The very first version of Sriyog.Com was released for the people, on the year of 2016 with HTML-CSS based Website.

    Version 1.0 Released-2016

  • Sriyog.Com updated its core functions with codeigniter based system and on the year of 2018, the second version was released.

    Version 2.0 Released-2018

  • In 2018 we further built upon version 2.0 and added some important features. This update was released as Version 2.1.

    Version 2.1 Released-2018

  • In 2019 Sriyog.Com went through a major overhaul in terms of service categories and released Version 3.0 on September 12th of 2019.

    Version 3.0 Released-2019

  • Sriyog.Com launched its Version 4.0 with an upgraded system and robust mechanisms on 15th December of 2019.

    Version 4.0 Released-2019

The Man Behind Sriyog.Com

Being a tech enthusiast from a very early age, he holds a 16+ years experience in the field of Information Technology. Studied in one of the IT hubs of India (Hyderabad), he holds a huge experience in the field of Information Technology. A calculated risk-taker with deep tech industry knowledge, Upreti has worked in many sectors such as Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting, Q&A Testing, Maintenance, IT Consulting, Graphic Designing, Cloud Services and many more.

By sheer determination and passion, he founded Pracas Infosys in 2007 in his Hometown Biratnagar, with a goal to enhance and develop the business, services and the community through the Internet. He believes in hard work and dedication, which can bring out the best in an individual.

Though the years have certainly passed by, but the hunger for knowledge still drives him to achieve new goals and develop new ideas. Upreti is a calculated risk-taker, equipped with deep tech knowledge and he is also recognized for several works done by him throughout the decades. He believes that a research-oriented person can fly a chopper if given a proper manual.

Founder of Sriyog.Com