Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Connecting Seekers and Providers.

Creating Opportunity to Earn.

Converting time & skill to Money.

Relevant & Easy to use Platform.

Vision & Mission:

A large number of skilled manpower is not able to showcase and utilize their qualifications and skills due to the lack of appropriate job market and platform. At the same time, service seekers are also not able to hire skilled manpower of their choice to tend their special needs.

In this scenario, we have launched our digital platform to connect the service Seekers & Providers. Sriyog.Com platform makes freelancers and professionals busier and makes things easier for service seekers.

Goals & Objectives:

We are working towards making every skill of a person to be utilized for earning a living. We aim to create a database of more than a half-million professionals by 2022 and envision to reduce the unemployment rate and control the migration trend due to foreign employment.

The main objective of Sriyog.Com is to always be and stay relevant for freelancer service providers and service-seekers. We are determined to stay open and evolve as one of the leading digital platform of its kind.


Sriyog.Com bridges the gap between freelancers and possible suiters to fulfill eachothers need.


Sriyog.Com encourages people to earn using their skills & abilities, with modern technologies.